The promcenter (process management center) is a novel tool in process management offered by cbprocess gmbh & co. kg. It enables a database-based visualization of processes, methods, standards and norms with simultaneous integration of individual software products.

Additionally, the promcenter can be easily linked to existing document management systems such as SharePoint or FTP, and easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of a company. With promcenter, complex and safety-critical processes can be transfered to an understandable graphical model and published in the Intranet or Internet. The representations of the processes are role-and context-based, taking into account all the necessary information, requirements and resources. Users can navigate via smart tags into more detailed views to see specific processes, activities and informations and will receive contextual information. The documented knowledge can be effectively protected from abuse by an optional user authorization concept and an integrated authorization management.

For knowledge-intensive business areas such as product development and support it is a key competitive advantage when information and documents are available without complicated searches.

The focus in the use of promcenter is on the following areas:

  • Analysis and modeling of appropriate reference processes
  • Development of an information model, which enables a combination of processes, information, documents, applications and resources
  • Securing corporate knowledge
  • Fast and easy incorporation of new personnel in complex processes
  • Preparation and monitoring of certifications
  • Creation of a web-based training system
  • Support of product development
  • Representation of infrastructure / enterprise architectures
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